Surgical Guide Implant

Surgical-guided implant placement is a software-assisted technique that is applied in the event of one or more tooth loss.  [This method does not require sutures; therefore, it is also known as “seamless implant”.]

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    How is Seamless Implant Performed?

    In surgical-guided techniques, implant planning is done on special computer software. The surgical guide is created in 3D and offers great convenience by predefining how and at what angle the implant will be placed, thus avoiding the possibility of misapplication. During the surgical guidance procedure, the person’s internal structure of the mouth is rendered in 3D and the prepared 3D guide mold is printed and placed in the mouth. The implant site is marked according to this guide. The implant socket is opened by a special technique at the marked point and the implant is positioned on the jawbone at the angle indicated by the surgical guide.

    Will It Hurt During Surgical Guide Implant Treatment?

    The surgically guided technique is a painless application performed under local anesthesia. The person feels no discomfort during the procedure.

    [Surgery-guided implants are a method of increasing patient comfort and speeding up the healing process.]

    What are the Advantages of Surgical Guide Implant Treatment?

    ✓ Short operating time.
    ✓ Recovery is quick.
    ✓ Because there is no incision on the gums, there is no bleeding or very little bleeding.
    ✓ No swelling, bruising in the mouth area.
    ✓ Temporary restorations can be placed during the day and permanent restorations can be placed after 2-3 months.

    [The downside of this procedure is that it takes 3-5 days to produce the surgical guides, requires thinner tomography, and this increases costs.]

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