72-Hour Implant and Permanent Teeth

A particular kind of implant and special implant parts are employed in this therapy, which calls for cutting-edge technology and experience, enabling permanent teeth to be installed in 1 to 3 days.

[72-Hour Implant and Permanent Teeth treatment] has a greater success rate than conventional methods, which call for a 2- to 6-month waiting period.*

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    What Kind of Implant Is Used in This Treatment?

    • The thread designs on the implants created for the 72-Hour Implant and Permanent Tooth therapy are unique.
    • Specially made implants adhere to the bone with a stronger force.
    • These nanotechnology-based implants have a faster osseointegration (fusing with the bone) rate.
    • These implants may be positioned on the bone at various depths and angles thanks to their specifically designed nanotechnology surfaces.
    • Any replacement teeth can be created on the implants due to their positional versatility.
    • Dental veneers can be put directly and adhesive-free onto implants that have been carefully constructed.
    • Direct attachment of the veneers might give the teeth a greater area of support.

    Will it hurt during the 72-Hour Implant and Permanent Teeth procedures?

    During the surgical procedure, local anesthetic is given. There are no aches or pains.

    [72 Hour Implant and Permanent Teeth therapy is exceptionally comfortable compared to conventional implants and only requires local anaesthetic; however, individuals who would like to may choose full anesthesia.]

    What are the Special Devices Used During Treatment?

    The surgical application kit specifically created for the “72-Hour Implant and Teeth” is used during the treatment. Also, the ISQ-Implant Stability Quotient device, which assesses implant stability, the Piezomed Piezosurgery Device, which is utilized for osteotomy, and the Implantmed Physiodispenser device, which facilitates the preparation of the implant bed, are all employed in this treatment.

    What are the Advantages of 72-Hour Implant and Permanent Dental Treatment?

    • There is no requirement to wait months.
    • The conventional implant waiting time of 2 to 6 months is cut to no more than 3 days.
    • It does not interfere with your regular life and enables you to have permanent teeth in 3 days.
    • It is a cost-effective procedure, especially for patients who live abroad, and there is little to no pain or bruising in the implant location.
    • Aesthetic teeth that may be used for years without any issues are made possible by 72-Hour Implant and Permanent Dental Therapy.
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