Tooth Filling

With a new generation of composite fillings, it is possible to treat teeth that have lost their health both in terms of aesthetics and durability. [The nano-ceramic part added to the composite fillings both increases durability and enhances the aesthetic quality at the porcelain level]

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    How Is Tooth Decay Detected?

    Tooth decay is detected by radiological examination. Caries detection dyes are used for small caries that are not visible on X-rays.

    Will It Hurt During Tooth Filling?

    Filling treatment is painless. If the area to be filled is large, the dentist may administer local anesthesia. Small near-surface fillings may not require anesthesia.

    Which Tooth Filling Should I Have?

    Your dentist will determine the best filling based on the condition of your damaged tooth. Not all fillings are used for all teeth. The main stuffing is:

    Composite filling:
    Known as white fill. Used for aesthetic recovery of anterior teeth.

    Inlay and onlay filling:
    They are porcelain fillings. Inlay and onlay fillings are used when there is not enough tissue left to fill a diseased tooth that has been cleaned. An inlay is a filling for a narrow part of a tooth, and an onlay is a filling for a wider area.

    Amalgam filling:
    This is the old generation gray fill that is obsolete today. Toxic components in aesthetically unappealing amalgam fillings raise health concerns.

    Gold filling:
    The use of gold fillings is reducing in our country. It is made via way of means of including gold to different fillings.

    What are the Advantages of New Generation Composite Filling?

    ✓ Fillings that are the most compatible with the natural tooth color.
    ✓ Aesthetic and powerful repairs are possible.
    ✓ Teeth can be used immediately after treatment.
    ✓ Treatment with composite fillings is economical.

    How Long Does It Take to Perform the Filling?

    Depending on the type of filling, it will be completed in 1-2 times. For treatments that require a session, you can continue with your daily routine with a temporary filling.

    Can I Eat Immediately After Filling?

    If no anesthesia is administered during treatment, you can start eating immediately. If anesthesia is used, improvement of numbness can be expected.

    Is Sensitivity Experienced After Tooth Filling?

    In case of hypersensitivity, it passes within 10 days. If the hypersensitivity continues for two weeks, the dentist will repeat the filling or use another appropriate treatment.

    Can Filled Tooth Decay Again?

    Inadequate care and cleaning can lead to re-cavities in filled teeth.

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