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“Long-Lasting Aesthetic Results”

Novusklinik has been serving in Istanbul Kadıköy and Kartal since 2009. The basic principle of our experienced and expert staff, who closely follow the developing dentistry technologies, is to ensure the health and comfort of our patients as soon as possible. Our clinics in Istanbul Kadıköy and Kartal consist of 15 treatment units, patient waiting and rest areas, sterilization units, tomography and panoramic x-ray units, and prosthetic units. Hygiene, comfort and ergonomics were prioritized in the design of all departments of our clinics.

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    Mission & Vision

    Novusklinik treats clients not only with the latest technologies and the most reliable treatments, but also doctors and staff offer trust and care with whole heart along the way. 

    We aim to be a benchmark institution in the field of oral and dental health locally and globally. 

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    Ethical values ​​always come first for our institution.

    • Cleaning and sterilization is the most important factor. We always take the measures to ensure the safety of both our employees and our patients at the highest level.
    • We provide service with 100% patient health and happiness oriented working principles. All the treatments we apply consist of plans prepared to serve our patients for many years without any problems.
    • With the experience we have accumulated since 2009 and today’s technology that we constantly follow closely, we always provide healthy, safe and quality service to our patients.
    • We serve with a dynamic and smiling staff, each of whom is an expert in their own field, well-educated, experienced, following the innovations.
    • We create the most accurate medical plans for our patients, and use FDA-certified and proven medical materials.
    • We offer fast and reliable prosthetic solutions with our high-tech laboratory and experienced business partners.
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