Implant with General Anesthesia

Local anesthesia can often be sufficient to treat the implant. In special cases, the implant procedure can be performed comfortably under general anesthesia.

[People with fear and anxiety in the dental chair and those with special conditions can receive implant treatment under general anesthesia.]

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    Who Can Get Implant with General Anesthesia?

    ✓ People with a fear of dentists.
    ✓ People with nausea and vomiting.
    ✓ People with chronic health conditions that need to be controlled.
    ✓ People with mental disabilities.

    How is Implant Treatment Performed with General Anesthesia?

    General anesthesia is administered in a hospital. An anesthesiologist determines the person’s suitability for implantation. Implant treatment for people with suitable test results is performed by the dentist in the operating room under general anesthesia.

    After surgery, the patient is taken to a room to rest and, after spending the night in the hospital, they are discharged the next day.

    What are the Advantages of Implant Treatment with General Anesthesia?

    ✓ No fear, worry during surgery.
    ✓ No pain, soreness and tingling.
    ✓ Implant treatment that is postponed or cannot be performed for special reasons will be performed in a single visit.

    Implant treatment performed under general anesthesia is a special case. General anesthesia provides a comfortable treatment for people in this group.

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