Impacted Tooth Extraction (Wisdom Tooth Extraction)

Surgery is used to remove impacted teeth since they are difficult to see in the mouth and jaw structure. [To reach the tooth properly during a surgical tooth extraction, a hole in the gum must be opened, the tooth must be removed in parts, and the bone must also be removed.]

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    What are the Conditions for Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

    -If the wisdom tooth is causing harm to the nearby teeth and jawbone, it should be removed.
    -If a fracture is fractured or untreatable, wisdom teeth extraction should be done.

    How is Wisdom Tooth Extraction Performed?

    Bone and gum tissue are cut out. Dental forceps are used to grab the tooth, which is then gently shaken back and forth and extracted from the jawbone. To prevent the removal of too much bone tissue, it may occasionally be necessary to remove the tooth in sections.

    [An oral, dental, and maxillofacial surgeon should remove an impacted tooth since it requires surgical skill.]

    How long does it take to complete the Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

    The length of the surgical extraction varies from 2 to 30 minutes, depending on the tooth’s position.

    Will It Hurt During Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

    During the evaluation, the maxillofacial surgeon determines whether local or general anesthetic will be used to execute the surgery. Throughout the surgery, there are no aches or pains in either case. Bleeding following surgical tooth extraction is typical. In the tooth extraction socket, a blood clot forms. Using gauze will hasten the bleeding to stop. The gingiva may require suturing.

    What are the Advantages of Wisdom Tooth Extraction by An Oral, Dental, and Maxillofacial Surgeon?

    -The possibility of problems is reduced.
    -In the event of potential difficulties, the specialist maxillofacial surgeon intervenes right away to control the situation.
    -After an extraction by a qualified maxillofacial surgeon, the recovery time is shorter and more comfortable.
    -Other teeth’s health and the stability of the jawbone are not jeopardized.

    What Should Be Paid Attention to After Wisdom Tooth Extraction?

    -Compared to a regular tooth extraction, the recovery time is longer, and pain may last for two to three days. Regularly take the medications that the surgeon suggested.
    -You shouldn’t eat anything until the anesthetic effect wears off.
    -Eating bland meals for a few days promotes healing.
    -A hot bath should be avoided for 24 hours since it may increase blood flow in the tooth cavity.

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