Pink Aesthetics

Healthy and aesthetically pleasing gums should be slightly pink in color and firmly adhered to tooth and bone tissue. [Activities aimed at improving the general health of the gums and their aesthetic harmony with the teeth are called “pink aesthetics”.]

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    Who Can Have Gum Aesthetics?

    ✓ People with gums that look bigger than usual when smiling.
    ✓ People whose gum line is not compatible with the teeth.
    ✓ People who want to improve dental aesthetics through digital smile design.

    [If there are complaints such as inflammation, bleeding, and pain, these issues should be addressed prior to gum plastic surgery.]

    How is Pink Aesthetics Performed?

    There are 4 common procedures for aesthetics and gum health:
    Reconstruction, gingival shaping, gingival cutting and crown lengthening.

    Regenerative treatment:
    This is a treatment that is applied specifically to gums that have lost their health due to inflammatory diseases. Inflammatory gum tissue is cleaned, tissue stimulants are used and protein is added for the process of new tissue formation.

    Gum shaping treatment:
    The process of shaping the gum line with a laser is called gingival shaping. Gingivoplasty is a surgery performed to ensure symmetry, to increase the quality of the smile esthetic and to highlight the teeth when smiling.

    Gum cutting treatment:
    The process of shortening the length of the gumline with a laser and removing the excess is called gingivectomy. Gum surgery is performed to remove the cosmetic problem of protruding gums. Gums, which take up more space than the structure of the teeth, also cause problems with oral hygiene. Food residues that can hide between the gums can cause bacterial growth.

    Crown lengthening treatment:
    This is a procedure performed when the upper part of the tooth, called the crown, is behind the gum line. Crown lengthening is mainly a method of repairing teeth with intact root tissue. Crown visibility gives a dental aesthetic advantage.

    [In pink aesthetics, one treatment may be enough for a quality smile, while multiple treatments may sometimes be required.]

    Does It Hurt During the Pink Aesthetics Operation?

    Gum aesthetics are performed under local anesthesia. You will not feel pain.

    What are the Advantages of Pink Aesthetics?

    ✓ Aesthetic appearance with harmony between teeth and gums.
    ✓ Achieve a more beautiful smile.
    ✓ Healthy gum structure prevents future problems.

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