Root Canal Treatment

The damaged inner tooth structure is removed, cleaned, and sealed with a filling as part of a root canal treatment. [A root canal procedure can prevent the extraction of a severely damaged or inflamed tooth.]

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    How Long Does the Root Canal Treatment Take?

    The process is finished in one session if the tooth for which a root canal is intended is not infected. When there is an infection, it is first treated, and the procedure takes two sessions to complete.

    Do I Get Hurt During Root Canal Treatment?

    Local anaesthetic, or sedating the tooth, is used during root canal therapy. There are no aches or pains.

    What Happens If Root Canal Treatment Is Not Performed Timely?

    A terrible toothache is frequently felt. The infection in the tooth has a chance of progressing and spreading to the jawbone. It could be necessary to extract the untreated tooth as well as any nearby teeth.

    Is It Necessary To Perform Another Procedure After Root Canal Treatment?

    An aesthetic filling might be used to finish the treatment after the slightly damaged anterior teeth have undergone root canal therapy. Typically, crowns are placed on the back teeth. A crown is a covering that mimics a tooth’s form.

    What are the Benefits of Root Canal Treatment?

    • With prompt action, your natural tooth can be saved.
    • If there isn’t an infection, you can have your oral health back in just one appointment.
    • It guards against jawbone and other teeth being harmed.
    • Over the course of the therapy, you won’t have any discomforts like pain or aches.
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