Tooth Extraction

Simple Extraction

A common goal of professional dentists is to protect and treat natural teeth that are part of a person’s genetics. If this is not possible, tooth extraction is mandatory.

[Tooth extraction should be uncomplicated, prevent other teeth from being affected, and be replaced in the healthiest way possible. ]

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    What are the conditions for Tooth Extraction?

    ✓ In case of severe decay and fracture following trauma, the tooth will be extracted.
    ✓ Teeth do not hold bone tissue, severely weakened due to untreated gum disease, loose teeth must be removed.
    ✓ Baby teeth that do not fall out over time are extracted so as not to interfere with the natural growth of the erupting permanent teeth.
    ✓ In some orthodontic treatments, it is necessary to create space in the jaw to position the teeth appropriately. In such cases, the tooth may be extracted even if the tooth is healthy. However, these types of extractions must be well planned by professional orthodontists.
    ✓ An erupting tooth is extracted if it damages the jawbone structure and other teeth.

    [The most important point in tooth extraction is to perform the procedure so as not to injure the jawbone and adjacent teeth.]

    How Long Does Tooth Extraction Last?

    A typical extraction time is 15 to 20 minutes. Surgical tooth extraction can be completed in a long period of time.

    Will it hurt during tooth extraction?

    The procedure is done with local anesthesia, therefore there will be no pain.

    What Should Be Paid Attention To After Tooth Extraction?

    ✓ With standard extractions, the healing process is usually comfortable. In a few cases, your dentist may also prescribe pain relievers.
    ✓ Surgical tooth extraction prolongs the healing process. It is normal to have pain for 2-3 days. Your dentist will prescribe the medicine you need. ✓ After tooth extraction, do not eat until the effect of anesthesia wears off.
    ✓ Not bathing in hot water for a day is beneficial as it can promote blood circulation in the extracted tooth space.

    Can Implant Be Performed After Tooth Extraction?

    Immediate implant placement is an option when the bone structure is intact and the tooth socket is free of infection.
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